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 About me

My passion is capturing the passion for life

Capturing the Essence of Music, Portrait, and Nature: 

When it comes to expressing the passion for music, capturing the beauty of individuals, or immortalizing breathtaking scenes of nature, nothing deserves to be captured as flawlessly as possible.

Music holds a special place in my heart, and photographing the raw passion it evokes is my true passion. Whether it's a grand live performance, a buzzing festival, or an intimate local show, every band deserves to have their memorable moments eternalized.

In 2020, I embarked on a journey into the realm of portrait photography to illuminate the inherent beauty within every individual. Regardless of gender or age, everyone possesses the potential to exude beauty, grace, intelligence, and charm. I am here to assist you in discovering and embracing that beauty within yourself.

I am Marielle, a dedicated female photographer residing in Sweden. While I may be a bit unconventional, fun, and eccentric, my professionalism, dedication, and adaptability in any photoshoot scenario are unmatched. I am open to exploring and discussing your unique photoshoot ideas, guaranteeing that they transform into stunning visual masterpieces.

Feel free to contact me to share your thoughts and start the process:


Bericht ontvangen!


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