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Working with a pro expensive?

Well... that depends on what your wishes are.

Studio portrait shoot: max 2 persons

€150 per 2 hours

excl tax (in Arnhem)

Shoot on location: 

starts at €100 per 2 hours

excl. tax, travel and

possible rent location

Both shoots will get you 5 pictures.

Creating artwork: 

Costs shoot + €50 per picture

excl. tax


For every band or musician it is important to have pictures that show the world who you are and what you do. 

Good portraits, beautiful promotion shots, that awesome album cover or even that sexy look on a poster can give your band, your image the boost that might just be necessary for booking that bigger show or gaining more fans. 

Booking a shoot with a professional photographer who has experience in the music bizz can make all the difference. Yes, the friend of a friend might take a few decent shots with his mobile but good printable edits take a bit more than that.

You don't get many shots at creating your image, and that artwork that you create together with your photographer is one of those moments. As a photographer I will work with you on your style, on the image you want to create and guide you along the way.

How else will you prevent the awkwardness of posing?

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