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Music portraits

For every band or musician it is important to have pictures for the promotion of your music. 

Good portraits, beautiful promotion shots, that awesome album cover or even that sexy look on a poster can give your band, your image the boost that might just be the thing that will get you that booking or gaining more fans. 

Doing this shoot with a professional photographer who has experience in the music business can make all the difference. Yes, the friend of a friend might take a few decent shots with his mobile but good printable edits take a bit more than that.

You only get one chance to make an impression and a good photo might just do that.


As a photographer I will work with you on your style, the look,  the image you want to create and guide you through the whole awkwardness of a photoshoot.


What are the possibilities:

What shoot do you want? A rough looking band with all their instruments on location? Or a pretty fairytale shoot for your acoustic performance? Or just headshots? Most things are possible! We will just discuss on what you as a band and musician need and want.



This depends greatly on the type of shoot, location, requirements you have and the amount of edit work for the desired photo's

Please contact me for a specific pricing:

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