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Want me to capture your event?

Whether you're a festival organizer, a band, a solo artist or a publication, you are always welcome to enquire what my photography could do for you. 


After almost 9 years of photographing small and big events I can safely say that I have the experience to back it all up! 


So, here is a short overview for what I can do for you, your band, your festival or your media outlet. 


Festivals and events

Big or small, promoting your event on social media is the number one key to ticket sale success. You can have an amazing line up, people need to know about this line up or they won't buy tickets. 

But even more important is that people know your festival is amazing, that it is worth buying the ticket, that the organization is caring and interacting with the visitors. This all you can do by having a good social media and with that media team. 

Having good visuals you can use year around and during the festival are important. As a photographer and experienced media team member/social media manager I can help you with multiple facets of organizing your media before, during and after your festival. 

Things like what photos you need, make a team planning, train and educate the team or just provide photo's send to your media manager during the event. Just contact me and let me know what you need, and if you are unsure of what you need, just call me and we can discus!

Bands & Musicians

When you play a show, chances are, there are photographers present. The venue will have its own photog, maybe some media outlet sends a photographer. 95% of the time these are great options for your own media. 

However, this has limitation. You'll get one or two images, they are not in your style, not of the right moment in the show, you often have to wait a few days or they cost you money to use commercially. 

Hiring me as a dedicated photographer for your show ensures that these issues do not exist. I take pictures the whole show, make sure I focus on capturing you in the best way possible, photo's come in high resolution and copy right free and I can deliver you your first photo the same night. 

If you hire me, I can work together with your light technician or a house tech to ensure lighting is optimal for good show and pictures. And take those really fun backstage shots or even do quick portraits. Just make you look good! 


Media outlets:

I have worked for multiple media outlets over the last 8 years. From small local new papers to online outlets with over 30.000 followers, I have shot concerts for them. 

For one of them I even worked three years as a social media creator and planner. 

I really don't mind going alone to a concert or work a whole festival in a team. If you need pictures of an event, you need them posted by me or just receive in your mailbox? Feel free to contact me!

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