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As a dedicated concert or tour photographer, I can help you with all those things. If you book me to capture one of your shows or your tour I am there fully dedicated to what your band needs in imaging materials. 

If you ask me to just shoot all the candid memories of your tour, or/and the awesomeness of your shows, or just getting a handful of good shots for posters to sell, I will be there to do so. I will not be thinking about the magazine's that also want pics, I will not be thinking about what will sell a magazine best or about what a festival needs of imaging is. No, I will only work for your band, your brand and the assignment you gave me


Do you want to show the world how great your shows are?

Do you want to have all the beautiful memories from your tour captured forever?

Or do you need awesome shots from your live shows for posters?

Bringing your own photographer to your shows or on tour means that you have somebody fully dedicated to your show, your wishes and your needs in imaging at hand. Somebody who will ensure the pictures taken are fully to your wishes and needs. 

Having your own photographer means you can discuss up front what your needs are when it comes to your band's look and feel online and in print. 


How much does it costs:

A single show/concert NL: €95,- excl. travel and tax.

(You will get at least 15 pictures)

A single show/concert EU: €145 excl. travel, stay and tax.

(you will get at least 15 pictures)

A tour/multiple concerts: Contact me for pricing. 

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