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Wanting some beautiful pictures of yourself at your favorite place?

Love to have good outdoor shots for your social media content?

Or perhaps you have always wanted to do a nice couple shoot at the beach?

Or maybe just in the safety of a photo studio, private and warm? 

Making sure you look back at your special moments with love and happiness instead of hate and disgust makes all the difference how you feel about yourself and your picture. 

Once you add to that, the idea of having those pictures taken outside, where everybody can see you, getting captures on a picture outdoor is freaking scary!

These points are why it is so important to invest in hiring a photographer who knows what she is doing, who knows the figure and who knows all the insecurities a person can have. and still talk you through an awesome photoshoot to make the best out of your little gift to yourself 


How much does it costs:

Portrait shoot studio Arnhem: €135,- 

(You will get 2 hours shoot at least and 5 pictures)

Portrait shoot Outdoors: €125,- 

plus travel and possible additional location costs.

(you will get at least 2 hours shoot and 5 pictures)

Portrait shoot couples: + €49,- on the shoots mentioned above

(plus an additional 2 photo's)

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